This case study developmental planning analysis will provide opportunity to appl

This case study developmental planning analysis will provide opportunity to apply various concepts discussed in class and throughout your readings to create a development plan for an employee development plan or your own career development plan.
Helpful concepts to review and apply include:
• The role of talent management in supporting the organization’s strategic objectives
• The use of competency models to create alignment of talent needs with training and development goals
• The identification of individual competencies/strengths and weaknesses to create a development action plan
• Creating learning and development experiences over time to enhance long-term development
Steps to complete the case analysis development plan:
1. Conduct a SWOT analysis to identify organizational and industry strategic issues. SWOT Analysis Template.docx
Consider: What strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats exist in maintaining a successful career in your target organization or in today’s business environment?
2. Based upon your SWOT analysis, draft a competency model for your organization or intended work place as you develop your career. Note if there are any differences between current vs. future competency requirements.
3. Using the competency model as a guide, identify a job candidate in your organization / case that you believe is “promotable” to the next level of challenge in the organization. (Imagine you are their supervisor) Conduct a “gap” analysis. Note what strengths and weaknesses they may have and what attributes may contribute to their success.
Consider: Identify strengths vs. weaknesses to help manage via development process. (Eg, Has operational experiences but not management experience; Has introverted personality holding them back.)
4. Prepare a “development plan” that outlines behavioral and targeted development goals for the individual (or yourself). Note that you are including resource needs as well as a time-frame for accountability.
Consider: Do they (or you) need some developmental experiences you can suggest?