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**PLEASE READ BEFORE BEGINNING! I ONLY need questions #3 and #7 done. I will do

**PLEASE READ BEFORE BEGINNING! I ONLY need questions #3 and #7 done. I will do the rest. I am including in the files the work I have already done on this assignment to help with answering the two questions. Use the information from my work to help. Make sure when answering #7 that you read my answer to question 4 so you know what type of surveillance system I am chosing to use in this scenario. Also, please use the website links my professor has included in her instructions. I am also attaching all the pages from the chapter of the book that you may use. If you need to cite the book, use it (Landesman et al., 2021) I will do the references at the end, so no need to do any references unless you use a source that is not included in the instructions. **
There were a lot of “rumors” and facts related to COVID-19 regarding treatment and what was happening (and continues to happen) in the rest of the world. Read Chapter 5 — it discusses surveillance, rumors, and disaster information systems. I am sharing with you again the GIS map link:
Appendix BB has useful internet references and resources. I would like you to look through some of those resources. I have shared a link to the CDC on this week’s page and their surveillance information:
Watch the following video on surveillance:

Your Discussion Scenario:
Select any contagious illness.
Now, imagine you were working for your local health department and you need to set up surveillance for a local elementary school which has approximately 500 students.
1. Identify your contagious illness. DO NOT DO!
2. Describe the factors that make it contagious and describe the symptoms. DO NOT DO!
3. What would you want to consider when thinking about setting up your surveillance system? ANSWER THIS QUESTION
4. Which surveillance system would be best to use — passive, active, rumor, syndromic, and sentinel. DO NOT DO!
5. Would you use GIS to help? DO NOT DO!
6. Who are your risk groups? DO NOT DO!
7. How would you in theory set it up, what would you look for? (This is your implementation plan). ANSWER THIS QUESTION
8. How will you communicate the presence of this illness in the school to parents? DO NOT DO!
9. What will be included in this communication? – DO NOT DO!
Be creative!
Please use your text, the CDC website and any other information relating to public health surveillance. This is more of a theory and what would be “ideal”.
Since many of you have children in school, you may have experience in how your child’s school handled surveillance for a contagious illness.

Public Health

Module 03: Critical Thinking Assignment Leadership Styles During a Crisis (125 p

Module 03: Critical Thinking Assignment
Leadership Styles During a Crisis (125 points)
Crisis situations require effective leadership to direct a unified quality healthcare response.
Using the Saudi Digital Library, locate and read three scholarly research articles on the role of leadership in managing quality and safety initiatives during crisis situations in Saudi Arabia.
Based on your readings, prepare a PowerPoint presentation describing your leadership style and how you would use your leadership to effectively manage quality and safety during a healthcare crisis. Explain the crisis situation, the environment, the resources available, the challenges, and proposed solutions to the crisis situation that you are writing about.
Your PowerPoint should meet the following requirements:
Seven to eight slides, not including your title and reference slides.
Each slide must provide detailed speakers notes, with a minimum of 100 words per slide. Notes must draw from and cite relevant reference materials.
Formatted per APA 7th edition and Saudi Arabia Electronic University formatting guidelines.
Utilize headings to organize the content of your work.
Professional design and transitions.
You are strongly encouraged to submit all assignments to the Turnitin Originality Check prior to submitting them to your instructor for grading. If you are unsure how to submit an assignment to the Originality Check tool, review the Turnitin Originality Check Student Guide.

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Interactive Activity Purpose The purpose of this Activity is to demonstrate your

Interactive Activity Purpose The purpose of this Activity is to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts learned in this week’s readings/ educational videos. Action Items Describe how Tele-medicine and tele- health improve healthcare delivery? Submission Instructions Complete and submit this assignment according to your professor’s instructions