You will create a technical design specification that will include screenshots o

You will create a technical design specification that will include screenshots of your created MySQL database, your entity-relationship diagram, and a detailed description of what you are solving for. You are permitted to build off of the database created in earlier weeks, or you may start with a new research topic of interest. If you build off of the previously created database, you must add significantly to the previous design to address new analytic issues.
Your database design and document should include the following:
Research problem statement – includes citations to the literature in support of any assertions or facts presented
Stakeholder analysis – identifies who cares about this research, or who will weigh in on future use of the database and/or insights the data can provide
Endpoint discussion – includes intended use of the database and any insights planned to be achieved by the design and the data to be housed in the schema; includes citations to the literature for any assertions or statements of facts presented
Technical design – includes screenshots and/or descriptions of all tables, fields, and description of the data contained in the fields (metadata (i.e., field data types), and example data contained with each field)
At least 8 tables – 8 new tables, if building off your previously developed assignment database), with no orphaned tables (i.e., no tables that do not relate to at least one other table in the schema); each table should have no less than 2 fields and no more than 8 fields
Entity-relationship diagram, with cardinality – includes showing the nature of relationships between related tables
Length: 5-10 pages, not including title page
References: Include a minimum of 3 scholarly resources.